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Our Mission

Our Mission Is Simple. To help you create, live and cherish your fullest local community life.

Welcome to Cobbles

We believe in people, and we believe in community.

Cobbles was founded and built on Three Core values: Finding our Passions in our community, Using our expertise to pursue and share these passions, and Sharing the usefulness of these passions in the furtherance of a better local life.

Our values

Inspiring people

Before there’s a community there are people. Whether someone has recently moved or they’ve called their neighborhood home for decades, we believe that community starts with the actions of people. We do everything we can to inspire them to get out into their community and discover what makes it great.

Building belonging

No matter who you are, you can always trace your roots back to your community because it helps define who you are just as much as it defines where you are. A community should be the place where everyone feels at home and Cobbles helps make that happen.

The power of potential

We see the potential in every community – because you really never know what’s around your corner. By making communities accessible, we’re inspiring others to see the potential of their places and share it with their neighbors.

Encouraging support

A real community happens when people help each other and work together to create the kind of place they’re proud to call home. Support can take different forms, but it always comes back to people being good neighbors.

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Community is worth experiencing in real life. Cobbles helps make that happen.

Every community has it’s own flavor, and it’s strengthened by the people who call it home. Like the family down the street that just moved in. The neighbor next door who you run into at the coffee shop every Tuesday morning.

The small restaurant around the corner that makes the best pizza in town. We want to redefine our community experience. Help people go beyond their screens, connect with the people around them, and rediscover what it means to be part of a real neighborhood again.